Awesome Show

Friday , 9, September 2016 Comments Off on Awesome Show

I was in Richmond, Virginia last weekend at my buddy’s wedding, everything was amazing! From entertainment and food to photos and music, especially photos and music! I’m not really a sap for weddings, but this one was different.

My buddy Josh and his cousin Laura were the organizers for the party and all the entertainment for the wedding. I gotta say, they did an amazing job considering that neither one of them had any previous wedding planning experience.

The day after the wedding, I’ve asked Josh about the photo and musical support for the wedding. He was telling me (bragging a bit) that he hired a local jazz/rock band that was playing at an Irish Pub he was in, so that was pretty inexpensive. In search for a wedding photographer, he found out the rates and the search ended there. Instead he’s asked around and got a referral of a friend of the family who take very creative wedding pics. I believe his name was Rick and he’s a local as well.

Josh also told me about their photo booth rental search, which was by no means easy due to all the competition. After speaking with fifteen or so companies who offered their best deals, he decided to go with Melvin at Photo Booth Rental Richmond. If you click the name, it will take you to their page. Sorry, I couldn’t find any of the other guy’s web listing, not sure if they even have them.

I’ve met and got to know a couple of the guests at the wedding reception and all of the were very impressed with the band and the photo booth service provided by Mel.

The band had a mini stage to perform on, since most of the wedding was outdoors and those guys totally rocked. They played rock music to party and jazz to dance, everyone but the old people loved it.

The photo booth was set up slightly off to the side, but the line to take a few photos stretched far and even looped around during rush hour (after the first toast). The wedding was pretty sizable (both bride and groom are very friendly people) so there were at least 30 people in line at any given moment.

The booth was booked for 5 hours and I got a chance to speak with Mel and get to know him a little better. Very cool guy, started his own company and believe it or not, built his own booths. Apparently, he used to do wedding and event photography for twenty years before retiring, but couldn’t stay away from photography.

Don’t want to reveal his rates, but they were super competitive and all inclusive. Meaning props, unlimited prints and all that jazz!

If any of you are putting together an event that would benefit from having a photo booth, definitely call up Mel and get info about his booth, you wont regret it, I promise.

I am still trying to get more information about the music band and Josh hasn’t been answering his phone. I’ll update this post or write a new one once I get more info.

Thank you all for reading and stay creative!




Traits of a Truly Good Artist

Monday , 1, August 2016 Comments Off on Traits of a Truly Good Artist

It seems as though today’s world is full of successful artistic people, many of which are self made, meaning they have worked hard and have eventually earned their way to a successful life. Each and every artist differs from the next, or at least we’d like to think that, otherwise it’s just a few of the same people circling around and music would never ever have changed since the stone age. Some of those so called artists , are often times a son or daughter of an already famous person who’s got mad money to invest into their future career or a not so famous, but rich businessman or woman who have not experience fame in their lives and simply want it for their children.

All of the above bring me to some of the most important traits every great artist should possess and things they should do to remain at the top:

  1. Getting out of their comfort zone – Nobody’s born great, we all know it. In order to achieve true success, it need to be earned by constantly pushing through the uncomfortable and never stop moving towards your dream. Just think about it… Every time something new is created or another record is beat, the person who’s done it had to have gone outside of their comfort zone to achieve that result! Think of people like pro athletes! Every game, every season, rain or shine, they go out there and give it all and just a little bit more, that 105% if you will. I not talking about it as if 100% was the normal day, I’m talking about it as the absolute maximum! You gotta push and push hard in order to achieve results and being an artist is not different!
  2. Challenge the impossible – Something I’ve noticed throughout the years of watching success, is that ideas or things that are deemed as impossible by most, are only impossibly until someone has accomplished them. Funny thing isn’t it? Think back in the 50’s, internet was just a thing of imagination at it’s best and even the idea of it, was something like the aliens… We’ll guess what? Chances are you wouldn’t be reading this right not if someone didn’t push through the limits in order to create this thing called the internet, as wait… What about computers? That’s what I though!
  3. Never slow down or stop – Last but out of the most important ones is to never stop and always keep on improving! Success is only momentary unless you, as the creator, make it last. It’s understandable that you’ve been working hard on creating the next awesome thing, sleepless nights and all that… Once you’re there, DON’T STOP! You’ve done it one and can definitely do it again. All you’ve shown is the potential, now make yourself a star! It’s understandable that many, especially musicians and singers, come up with one amazing hit, make a good chunk of change from it and then just stop or slow down producing very little to none. Don’t ever stop creating, unless you’re cool with fading away as one who’s done something once and never became great.

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